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 Thank you for your interest in NiMoli Studio!  

The goal of NiMoli Studio is to enhance each student’s discipline, confidence, creativity & character as well as develop new friendships between students.  We have a high energy & fun-filled atmosphere while also promoting a positive learning environment.  I would like to give you some information and policies regarding the dance studio.

welcome students

What to Wear to Class:

Ballet: Leotard and tights or leggings.  Ballet shoes recommended: Sansha Canvas Split Sole pink.

Jazz: leotard, sports bra, or tank with leggings or biker shorts. Jazz shoes recommended: So Danca Tan Jazz Shoes

Tap: leotard, sports bra, or tank with leggings or biker shorts. Tap shoes recommended: Bloch Black lace up taps.

Modern, lyrical, contemporary: leotard, sports bra, or tank with leggings or biker shorts. NO shoes. Socks are allowed on occasion.

Tumble/Aerial: No shoes.  Leggings and leo or tank.

Hip Hop/ Breaking: Sneakers for dance only.  Please do not wear these outside the classroom. Leggings, sweats, or biker shorts (if wearing shorts may need knee pads). T shirt, hoodie, or tank.

Studio Etiquette – Please drop students off. Staying during class is not recommended.This causes students to feel self conscious and distracted. Waiting area is meant for those students who take multiple classes to relax and eat in between classes. Parents are not to go behind the desk. Please no parent conversations in the studio… Please step outside. NiMoli studio enrollment is growing daily and room in studio is limited. Please be mindful of this and help us create the best learning environment possible.

No parking right in front of door 

We have cubbies for the students to put their belongings in. 

Bathroom is meant for students – please do not run through a class to use restroom.