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To enhance each student’s discipline, confidence, creativity, self-esteem and character as well as develop friendships between students.

Nikki Molina, NiMoli Studio Owner


NiMoLi Studio is dedicated to impacting the student’s lives through the art of dance.  With years of training in Los Angeles, Nikki Molina, owner of NiMoLi LLC brings the spirit of the LA dance scene back to her hometown of St. Louis.

Thank you to everyone who believes in the dream of dance. 


NiMoLi LLC was created thanks to Nikki Molina’s father.  He suggested she start her business while she was young and had the energy.  Nikki’s brother Tony Molina, a financial advisor, ran with the idea and handed it to business entrepreneur Chuck Thal.  For a year, Nikki created a business plan with her business advisors, sought after investors, and attempted to build enough revenue for a studio.  It was good stuff, but not enough.

Next step, Nikki rented space at Chesterfield Athletic Club to build her clientele.  After seven months of holding classes and two showcases later, Nikki had enough funds to create NiMoli Studio in Chesterfield, then moved the studio to a larger location in Kirkwood, MO.


Today, our beautiful and active studio is flooded with vivacious students eager to learn and ready to tackle the next challenge. Each year we continue to grow because of our enthusiastic students who keep coming back and new ones excited to begin.  NiMoli Studio is truly a magical place because of the passion of dance Nikki and her team are able to share with her students.

NiMoli Studio faculty bring years of experience to help students achieve their dance aspirations. We now offer six class schedules per year with a variety of dance styles. Check out our latest schedule. Students can also audition for one of several Performance Programs: CREW, TEAM, NIMOS, MOMOS, PRINCIPALS, CORPS & APPRENTICES.

Hear what our clients are saying!


My kids love NiMoli Studio! They spend much of their free time there and have learned so much in one year! Nikki is an awesome teacher and such a positive force in my kids lives. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Tina Schaefer

Always striving for more!!! Love the passion and dedication!!

Music Tree Productions

My daughter LOVES NiMoli, the classes, Nikki, everything about it. Highly recommend if you’re looking for not only hip-hop, but tumble, ballet, jazz, tap…they do it all!!

Tiffany Ilardi

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NiMoli Summer Showcase July 9th Tickets now on sale $25 each. This special showcase is dedicated to the memories of our lost loved ones. If you are performing in the showcase and would like to submit a photo to add to the Showcase poster, please email...

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