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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register my student?

To register for a class, sign up online, call NiMoli Studio at 314-462-0611 or email us at nimolistudio@gmail.com. Please provide your name, phone number, email, age of student and your class of interest. NiMoli will get back to you ASAP.

Do you give private lessons?

Yes. Private lessons can be scheduled upon request. Please call NiMoli Studio at 314-462-0611 or email us at nimolistudio@gmail.com.

Do you compete?

Yes, 2 to 4 competitions, plus 2 to 4 conventions a year, but enjoys spending time on community performances as well: National Dance Day, St. Louis Heritage Fair, Color Run, and  various charity events.

Can parents and friends watch class?

Classes are typically closed to outside observers.

Do you pro-rate classes or offer refunds?

No we are not able to pro-rate classes, but we are able to offer make‐up classes in most cases.

We offer studio credit – no refunds.

Besides tuition what other costs are students in a session responsible for?

Items students may made need for showcase performances such as socks, shoes, shirt, and showcase tickets.

Do you have recitals?

At NiMoli Studio we do not have your “typical” recitals. Instead we do showcases! These tend to be more cost effective and time efficient. Showcases are held 2-3 times a year at a local theater. Dances are learned in classes and typically 2-3 extra rehearsals with the entire cast will be required. Tickets (assigned seating) are sold ranging $10- $20. Instead of catalogue costumes, our hip hop dancers usually wear NiMoli gear which can be bought at the studio. Technique classes usually wear leotards and skirts. If interested, come check out a showcase and it will be an unforgettable show!


Can a student do a drop-in class before signing up for the entire session?

Yes! Drop-in classes are $16 per class. If a student decides that he or she enjoyed the class and wants to continue, the $16 will be put towards the session fee.


Do you offer private studio parties?

Yes! Private parties include two hours at the studio, learning a choreographed dance routine, time for cake and a custom edited video. If you are celebrating a Birthday, a Bachelorette Party or a Girls Weekend this is fun for all ages! For more details and pricing, you can call NiMoli Studio at 314-462-0611 or email us at nimolistudio@gmail.com.

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